Monday, February 18, 2008

Cedric Melotte rides the Aprilia in MX1 for 2008

Team Aprilia Off Road is ready for the new World MX1 Motocross season. The production house from Noale reaffirmed their trust in Cedric Melotte. The talented Belgian’s objective this year is to demonstrate his true worth after a 2007 that was marked by an injury at the beginning of a season that affected not only his performance but the development plans for the revolutionary twin MXV 4.5.
During the winter break, technicians and Aprilia Off Road test riders had a lot to prepare for 2008, making the best of experience they gained this past year in the Motocross’ “queen” class, the MX1. The MXV 4.5 (that will soon be seen racing in its evolved Step 3 form) won the last round of the Italian World MX1 Motocross. It is an even more “racing” with its big-bang engine and modifications to the set-up, electronics, and weight distribution. Melotte’s will not be the only official Aprilia MXV 4.5 on the track, since Fabien Izorid will race the World Motocross for Team Jk Racing. Also on the Tuscan team will be Mike Valade, revisiting his role as test racer, but also as rider in a few races.

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