Friday, February 15, 2008

2008 Shiver news

The news on Aprilia has been very slow these last 2 weeks. Really not a lot of interesting stuff going on right now...

But I did find a couple of new reviews of the 2008 Shiver. Which has an improved ECU map wich fixes the poor fueling at lower rpm's and the smoothness of the fly-by-wire throttle system.

The new map also has 3 different modes. Sport,touring and Rain. Sport for full power high torque riding, touring for a more gentle torque curve and the rain map which gives 25% less torque and a safer torque curve.

Customers owning a Shiver say the bike with the new map is a different beast and a much better bike. So if you own a Shiver go to your dealer and get the new map loaded!

The reviews are in Italian but they have some nice pics and the Motociclismo one also has a nice onboard video of the Shiver.

Motociclismo Shiver review

Infomotori Shiver review