Sunday, September 14, 2008

RXV debuts in the Total Pharaons Rally 2008

An unoffical Italian Team will enter the Total Pharaons Rally with 2 Aprilia RXV 450's. The rally is going to be held from October 5th till October 11th in Egypt.

The Team Aprilia Gabrielli-Giofil, directed by Filippo Assirelli, normally races the bicylindrical RXV in the Italian Rallies, and they are now ready for a new challenge: The Total Pharaons International Cross Country Rally.

The RXV 450's will be ridden by the official pilots of the Team, Paul Ceci and Alex Zanotti. The third bike will be ridden by Barbiero Angel, a pilot/journalist who already participated with the Aprilia Team in the Sardinia Race Rally, opening test of the World-wide Cross Country season. There will also be 3 other RXV's ridden by private riders.

Aprilia News will be reporting on a daily basis about this rally when it starts in the beginning of October.

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