Saturday, May 03, 2008

Shiver 1200 rumors

You may have read some rumors lately about a Shiver/Dorsoduro 1200. It's certainly coming but not in the form of the horrible photoshops raptors and rockets made. I don't expect them to look a lot different than the 750 shiver. But I could be wrong. We'll see. I expect the bikes at the EICMA in november together with a faired version of the Shiver.

I also found a spec sheet of the new 1200cc engine(Which actually is more like 1150cc). It makes around 130hp at 9000rpm. The figure of 120nm torque is what we want to hear. Thats a bit less torque than the Ducati 1098 makes! As you can see in the official piaggio graph I posted the 1200 has a way steeper curve than the 750. Also note the dip at 4500rpm in both graphs, this is because the euro3 homologations are tested around that rpm. With the new 1200 engine I think the Shiver 1200 will be the ultimate replacement for the tuono.