Friday, May 09, 2008

New motorace simulation game with Aprilia RSW250

Now something completely different. A new video game! No it's not SBK 08 which is coming out soon but a new game made by a group of Italian gamedesigners called Piboso. The game is called GP bikes and it's a very realistic motorcycle sim which plays a bit like GP500. It's not as arcady as the Motogp series.

But why is this game so interesting? The alpha demo of this new game has just been released, and you can drive an Aprilia RSW250 GP bike in the demo! How cool is that. Check out the video above for what you can expect in the demo.

Good news is that the game will be completely moddable so you will be able to add your own bikes and tracks. Who wouldn't want to ride a V4 on mugello or monza? It's all possible in the future.

Go download the demo here

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