Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Podium for the new Aprilia MXV 450

Aprilia released the new 2009 model of the Aprilia MXV450 at 5th race of the Italian Motocross championship.

The new MXV is very different from the old one. Here are some of the changes:

- New design plastics
- New exhaust system (2kg's lighter)
- 4kg's less weight overall (excluding the exhaust)
- More rigid and lighter frame
- Better weight centralization
- Tank under the seat more to the center of the bike
- Smaller radiators

At the 5th race of the Italian championship the Aprilia riders did very well. Chico Chiodi has moved to TM and is no longer in the Aprilia Off-Road team. Cedric Melotte is still in the team next to Fabien Iziord.

Melotte did very well in the first heat
finishing 2nd behind world champion Cairoli! Melotte failed to finish the 2nd heat because of a crash and damage to his front brake. Iziord finished 11th in both of the heats.

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