Friday, December 12, 2008

Times of the last day at the Kyalami WSBK test

Today Biaggi and Nakano dedicated their testing to the development RSV4 engine, trying different configurations and parts. Max Biaggi has totaled 49 turns and with his best time of 1 ' 40” 768 he secured eighth place in today's ranking. Shinya Nakano has realized 32 laps with a best time of 1 ' 40” 968, which was good for the 9th place in the rankings.

" These three days helped us a lot - Biaggi has declared - we have worked a lot and collected a lot of information. The problem of the vibrations at the entry of the corner remains, now in this period of pause we will work hard to find a solution to this problem. They are the typical problems for a new V4 engine like this, it's nothing big but we will have to tuck up the sleeves and work on it, I really trust in the abilities of the Aprilia technicians “.

“I am satisfied about the three days of testing - Nakano has said - we learned a lot and where also able to set good times . These tests where very valuable, I have studied this circuit from top to bottom and the feeling with the RSV4 has grown. Too bad today we had a small technical problem that has forced us to spend to much time the box”.

1. Michel Fabrizio Ducati Xerox 1min 39.714secs
2. Ben Spies Yamaha Italia 1min 39.978secs
3. Noriyuki Haga Ducati Xerox1min 39.984secs
4. Jonathan Rea Ten Kate Honda 1min 40.035secs
5. Carlos Checa Ten Kate Honda 1min 40.170secs
6. Max Neukirchner Alstare Suzuki 1min 40.394secs
7. Yukio Kagayama Alstare Suzuki 1min 40.675secs
8. Max Biaggi Aprilia 1min 40.768secs
9. Shinya Nakano Aprilia 1min 40.968secs
10. Ryuichi Kiyonari Ten Kate Honda 1min 41.067secs
11. Troy Corser BMW 1min 41.102secs
12. Tom Sykes Yamaha Italia 1min 41.562secs
13. Ruben Xaus BMW 1min 41.996secs

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