Monday, November 03, 2008

EICMA 2009: what can we expect from Aprilia?

Tomorrow is the first day of the EICMA show in Milan. This show has been the show of the year for Aprilia fans since Aprilia tends to release their new models at this show. But I'm afraid it won't be as spectacular as the last years since Aprilia already released the RSV4 and the Shiver/Mana GT models. So what can we expect the following days from Aprilia? This list is in no way certain it's just a guess of what's to come:

- 1200cc Shiver (and maybe the 1200cc Dorsoduro too)
- 2009 SXV (probably only new colors)
- new scooters

I also hope they will present the RSV4 in WSBK colors but that's just a personal wish and probably will not happen.

Keep your eyes on Aprilia News the coming days for the latest news from the EICMA!


Anonymous said...

I heard some rumors that they gonna show 1200 Pegaso too

Anonymous said...

Scarabeo 300.

Also, this is EICMA 2008, isn't it? Unless you're already looking a full year ahead?