Friday, September 19, 2008

Alex Hoffman injured

From Alex Hoffman's website:

This weekend Aprilia will officially present the all new Superbike RSV-4 in Rome / Vallelunga. Media and Fans will get to see the newest baby from Noale. I am really excited too, as I have not yet had the chance to see the final version of the Streetbike yet. Unfortunately I can't attend the presentation myself as I have to keep working on my rehabilitation and I am just not yet fit enough to walk around all day long.

For the ones who did not hear the bad news yet. I had a very unlucky crash while training on my Supermoto Bike here in Switzerland. I got ran over just before hitting a big jump and figured out that I have no wings to fly. The result were 11 fractures in my right foot and a broken left shoulder. Don't do that at home, it was a tough one again. The Doctors in Munich showed again huge talent, as they saved my bones in a 4 hours surgery and I am pretty positive that I will be back to 100 % sooner than expected. Thanks for the great effort Dr. Walther and Dr. J├Ąger !

I should be back on the bike by mid october and I am so much looking forward to it. The last two test days were so promising that I can't wait to bring the bike to the next level. The potential of the RSV-4 is enormous and I can say we have arrived within a second to where the big points are given away in Superbike Racing !

My bones are healing fast - the Aprilia will be even faster - so stop by once in a while and ride on ...

All the best

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