Saturday, August 23, 2008

Tuscon BT550 Superleggera

Tuscon, a french manufacturer of very special motorcycles, have started a new project. The base of the project is an Aprilia SXV550 engine and their goal is to create a bike with a weight of 100kg's. Hence the name Superleggera (Superlight). With the support of several big names like Aprilia,Bridgestone,Paioli and many more they will try to complete the project in 6 months. They chose the 550 engine because of its small size and power to weight ratio which exceeds many other engines. For example the SV650 engine makes less power and is 20kg's heavier. With 70hp stock and a weight of 34kg the guys from Tuscon found the perfect engine for their project.

Aprilia News will keep a close eye on the Superleggera and will keep reporting about the progress of this project. In the meantime check out the BT550 Superleggera website

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