Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Aprilia launches new sportcity scooters

I never post much news about scooters but now thats going to change. Aprilia sells more scooters than motorcycles so why not? And with the rising gas prices scooters are getting more and more popular. And did I mention they are really fun? I used to own a Aprilia SR50 when I was 16 and I had a great time riding it. Yay for scooters!

Sportcity cube 300

Reference point in its segment since it debuted in 2004, the Aprilia Sportcity was born out of an innovative construction philosophy: tyres with generous sections, brilliant engines, and an extremely rigid frame. The Sportcity is synonymous with excellent synthesis between the comfort of a high-wheel scooter and the dynamism typically found in a sporting bike, a combination that guarantees urban mobility that is both active and fun.
The 2008 version, fruit of a profound renovation, further emphasizes the versatility and elegance of this Aprilia best-seller. The even more generous dimensions, finishing touches, superior endowments, and adoption of a new 300cc propulsor are the basic ingredients of this third edition that acquired the Cube suffix to underline these important additions.
The Sportcity Cube demonstrates its own personality through the restyling imprinted on every aspect of the scooter: the anterior area was completely redesigned and incorporates a brand new instrument panel, and the back underwent important modifications: the wider and more comfortable seat, the new, elongated tail, and the larger storage compartment emit both importance and elegance.
With the arrival of the 300 engine, the Sportcity Cube openly appeals to the medium-distance commuter, proposing ideal solutions for global mobility.

Sportcity one

Compact dimensions but great comfort and practicality while incorporating the unmistakable Aprilia design: Sportcity One reinterprets the characteristics that made its big brother a success and makes itself into a winning option for dealing with everyday traffic.
“Medium” wheels, a sporty style, and functionality are all characteristics of the bike that lowers the threshold of access to the Aprilia scooter range, offering all the advantages of a modern high-wheel but elevating it to the top thanks to its distinctiveness and carrying capacity.
Secure, agile, and able to dart about comfortably in traffic without sacrificing manageability, the Aprilia Sportcity One is primarily born to satisfy the urban commuter who tackles the city every day.
An avant-garde product capable of brilliant results, it offers the best endowment in its segment. The two available cylinders – the 50 and 125 – allow the Sportcity to satisfy all urban needs thanks to modern and ecological 4-stroke engines. The projectual attention and precise study of the combustion's efficiency make these propulsors brilliant, extremely clean, and absolutely frugal in consumption. Both are catalyzed and the 125 meets the norms set by the Euro 3.

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