Monday, May 19, 2008

First win for Debon


Debon started well from the pole and immediately showed a wild pace on his slick tyres, despite the wet track. The Spaniard gained almost a second each lap over his pursuers. Half way through the race he had 11 second lead that he managed to keep up until the end of the race, when he got alone to the finishing line and conquered the first victory in his career. With the track slowing drying up, the pursuers formed a group with Pasini, Simoncelli and Poggiali catching up with Kallio’s Simon’s and Aoyama’s KTMs and Takahashi’s Honda. The two Italian riders went faster and engaged in a duel for the second position. The fight was harsh, Pasini managed to protect himself, but Simoncelli launched his final attack in the next-to-last corner, performing an extraordinary overtaking and leaving his rival with the third position.


The sky was grey over the historical circuit of the 24 hours, at the beginning of the race. Gadea started well from the pole and, together with other seven riders, started outdistancing his rivals. The Spaniard, Terol, Talmacsi and Bradl alternatively took the lead performing amazing overtakings and late breakings. Olive, Corsi, Di Meglio and Rabat, as well as Espargaro and Smith at the eighth lap, kept the control of their rivals without losing ground. During the fourteenth lap Olive took the lead and tried to escape gaining a second. At the following lap, however, the rain starter falling and the race is suspended. It was stopped just a lap before the two thirds, which would have automatically meant the end of the race. Riders had therefore to go back on track with rain tyres, in order to complete the remaining five laps. Riders entered as follows: Olive, Terol, Bradl, Talmacsi, Di Meglio, Corsi, Rabat, Espargaro and Gadea. Talmacsi starter well and tried to escape. However, he fell at the end of the second lap, leaving the lead to Terol, Smith and Di Meglio. The French rider, the specialist of wet conditions, took the command of the race at the next-to-last lap. He managed to control the race and got first to the finishing line, before his audience going wild. He was followed by Smith, 0”800 later and Terol, 3”077.

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