Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Canon Kamera-Express Aprilia team ready for Dakar

The Canon Kamera-Express Aprilia team is totally prepared for the Dakar 2008 rally which will begin this weekend in Lisboa Portugal. Henk Knuiman visited the Aprilia Factory 2 weeks ago to test the hand build factory tuned engines which will be used in the RXV. He also trained with Aprilia testdriver and enduro specialist Stefano Passeri to set up the bike with a heavy load of fuel. Also the suspension specialists from Marzocchi finetuned the suspension for the harsh conditions in the Rally. Stefano Passeri was surprised by the great job the team did with building this bike. The RXV450 is already in Portugal and the service truck left today for Lisboa.

Stay tuned for more Dakar news.

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