Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Aprilia of the week is back!

After a long time of no submissions for the Aprilia of the week I decided to cancel that feature. But now I got a few submissions and enough special Aprilia's to last a couple of weeks so the Aprilia of the Week feature is back! I will also be building a gallery of past Aprilia's of the Week. So send in your Aprilia now!

The first Aprilia of the Week of 2008 is from Richard Rimmelzwaan from Holland.

  • Please introduce yourself first. Who are you and where are you from?

Richard Rimmelzwaan age 35 from Holland (king okkie for bikefriends)

  • Did you add any mods to your bike?

It’s a Mille that I transformed to a Tuono, 2004 swingarm, modified suspension,evo exhaust with chip and pipercross airfilter.

  • Why did you buy an Aprilia and what do you like so much about it?

I chose the tuono because its big,has a lot of power and looks good.

  • And what don’t you like about your bike?

Suspension and wind protection could be better.

  • If you could ask Aprilia to design a new model what would it be?

They already did with their new concept: the fvs1200, build it please!

  • ·And finally do you have any motorcycling tips for the readers of Aprilia News?

For Dutch motorcycle fans (with a rsv,tuono topic and a topic about my transformed mille) and for international fans

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