Friday, November 16, 2007

Carlson wins AMA Supermoto Unlimited championship

Morongo casino (California, USA) was the venue for the final 2 rounds of the AMA Supermoto Championship. Benny Carlson rode to a conservative 5th place in Saturdays final, clinching his 2nd AMA Supermoto Unlimited Championship and his 1st for the team.
Due to Atkins’ broken left arm, flat track expert Henry Wiles and French Supermoto pro Kevin Bethome were brought as replacement riders to earn points for the teams’ championship. Henry Wiles rode to an amazing 6th place in Saturdays final, and Kevin Bethome did the same putting the team on the box in 4th place beside Ben Carlson in 2nd during Sunday’s final event. This gave the team enough points to win the team championship over factory KTM by 1 point.

2007 AMA Supermoto Unlimited Champion – Ben Carlson

2007 AMA Supermoto Unlimited Team Champion – Factory Aprilia Rip It Energy Fuel

2007 AMA Supermoto Unlimited – 6th place Darryl Atkins (had runner up position prior to injury and not competing in final 3 rounds)

“It was an almost perfect season for the team, apart from my little mishap. We are really happy that Benny won the riders championship, and that we were able to choose the right guys (Kevin Bethome and Henry Wiles) to capture the points needed to win the teams championship along side Benny.
All this would not have been possible without everyone’s support, and we are really grateful for their efforts. I have to especially thank Aprilia USA, Rip It Energy Fuel, Parts Unlimited, and Bel Ray Oils. Amauri Nunes, Todd and Georgiann Carlson, John Weiss and Robert Pandya all played a key part in the teams success this season.”

All the results and pictures of this AMA supermoto season can be found here

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