Saturday, September 15, 2007

Finally some good results for the Aprilia MX team

On Sunday, September 9th, the 7th trial of the national Belgian Motocross Championships place at Opr Le Grand saw Cedric Melotte and his Aprilia twin as protagonists. Melotte’s season was supposed to end at the Holland Grand Prix, the last engagement of the international calendar, but the push from friends and fans led him to participate in the race just days before he is set to undergo surgery on his right knee (injured at the start of 2007).

Melotte and the official MXV 4.5 presented themselves to the Belgian public by winning the pole position. Cedric marked the best time (1:56.172) that was also the top time in the MX1, finishing ahead of a slew of official riders.
In the first of the three heats, Melotte took off in 8th place and made his way up to 2nd place. Then his front wheel lost traction as he went into a curve and he ended up on the ground. Getting back up, he closed out the heat in 4th place and marked the fast lap.

In Race 2, he took off in 7th place and recuperated position after position before climbing to the 3rd step on the podium. He jumped out of the starting gate in 2nd place and soon commanded the race with more than four seconds of advantage on his closest competition. The ride that seemed a heat victory was rudely interrupted by a stone that caused him to fall. However, Melotte jumped back on the bike and was able to finish in 5th place.

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