Friday, September 07, 2007

Aprilia RXV 2008 model released!

Aprilia released pics and info of the new 2008 Aprilia RXV. Looks like they used a lot of info from enduro riders like Stefan Merriman to improve the handling & rideability of the RXV.

A nice improvement is the ability to switch between 2 different ignition maps on the ECU with the touch of a button. A "fullpower" map to use when conditions are optimal and another "soft" map with smoother engine characteristics for difficult terrain and low speed slippery tracks.


-New graphics & colors
-Red/black seat
-Dry weight reduced by 4kg
-New tank
-New handlebars
-Improved suspension
-Option to switch between ECU maps (fullspeed & soft)with the click of a button
-Better maintenance intervals: race use was 45 hours now 75 hours.
Normal use 75 hours becomes 150 hours.
-New sponge air filter
-Option of the newly developed Arrow exhaust
-Euro3 homologation

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