Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Aprilia of the Week: RSX550

This week we have a RS125/SXV550 hybrid from Germany. This bike was build by Aprilia Germany's press spokesman Tommy Bayer. As a big time rs250 fan he couldn't hold out any longer and wanted a nice 130kg 70hp trackbike to play with.

So in a couple of weeks a front frame for the rs125 race fairings was build. Also the rear suspension got shortened for race track use. The front fork was replaced by a showa unit from an RSVR1000. Various other parts like the oil tank,rear subframe,gastank and some other parts had to be adapted/remade.

The result is a beautiful 134kg trackbike with a 71hp twin engine. Sounds like a fun bike to ride doesn't it? If you can read german the full article by Motorrad can be found here

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