Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Aprilia 2008 news for the American market

Last week there was the dealer meeting for the American Aprilia dealers with some news about the 2008 model range.

2008 Street-legal SXV/RXV, big gas tanks, new seat, revised suspension settings, new cold start lever, new throttle cam, no selectable mapping (as far as we saw or mentioned). Same engine specs as second batch 07s. Production issues have been addressed since very early 2007. 30 day warranty on de-restricted versions just like current bikes.

SXV4.5 $8799 available Q4 2007
SXV 5.5 $9499 available now
RXV 4.5 $8599 availble now
SXV 5.5 $9299 available Q4 2007
MXV late 2008, around $8499
SXV-VDB replica bikes arrive in December $23,999
New Shiver SL 750 $8999
New Scarabeo 200 $3399
New Scarabeo 100 $2699
Tuonos and RSVR remain the same as current 07.5 versions, same pricing.

Mana 850 price given (figure between $9-13K), figure very late 2008 arrival.

WSBK and AMA superbike racing with the v-4 in 2009, and maybe, just maybe MotoGP in 2010-2011.
No v-4 street bikes until 2009.

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JHL1965 said...

I was previously informed that Aprilia had not yet made a decision as to whether the MANA would be imported into the USA.
Based upon the above statement that the MANA would most likely not be available in the USA until late 2008, is it correct to assume that Aprilia has now made an official decision that it WILL import the MANA into the USA?