Monday, May 21, 2007

Double Victory in GP of France

Both engineers and riders were deeply concerned about the menacing grey sky on the French circuit, as they feared it might have rained. But fortunately it did not and the 125 cc race kicked off on a dry racetrack. Unlike the last two races, the riders' pace today was extremely fast. Lukas Pesek, the Czech rider of the Derbi team even set the fastest lap of the circuit, improving the previous record by more than 0.7 seconds. Aprilia gets on the highest step of the podium, and places seven bikes in the first fifteen places.

Sergio Gadea, on his RSA of the Bancaja Aspar team, is the winner. He is followed by Pesek, currently leading the World standing, and by Smith's Honda. The race was very tight, filled with spectacular and unexpected performances. After performing a good start, Pasini increased his pace outdistancing the others and gaining a 1.5 second gap. Gadea began chasing him, and eventually reached during the tenth lap. The two sped away and alternatively led the race, until the twentieth lap, when Pasini’s bike suddenly stalled and forced him to withdraw, for the fourth time in five races. The Spaniard rider, therefore, got to the finishing line, as he managed to keep his gap from Pesek and Smith.

The 250 cc could also race on a dry circuit, even if its conditions were not the best, as many riders found the track very slippery, compared to the previous days. The race was spectacular, filled with overtakings and unpredictable till the very last lap. Aprilia’s performance was good, with three official bikes in the first four positions.

Jorge Lorenzo sprints home after performing a tight duel against Dovizioso and De Angelis, second and third respectively. Lorenzo's victory is the fourth this season and the twelfth on a 250cc Aprilia bike. The World champion performed a brilliant start from the pole and increased his pace trying to outdistance the others on a solitary escape. His attempt fails as Dovizioso and the others managed to reach him and eventually overtake him. From that moment on, Dovizioso and Lorenzo alternatively led the race, until their bikes clashed half way through it. Lorenzo, in order to avoid coming off the track after his late breaking, crossed the Italian rider’s trajectory, damaging his rear brake. De Angelis took advantage of the situation and went ahead. But he was soon reached by the other two, as his rear tyre was wearing out. The Spaniard took the lead, sped up and sprinted home leaving Dovizioso behind, despite the latter’s great recovery.

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