Thursday, April 12, 2007

Racing News

Aprilia Dominates in British & German supermoto championships

In the first leg of the national German championship, a boisterous Jerome Giraudo scored a double in the S2 class atop the SXV 5.5. The official Aprilia rider (who earlier raced for Peter Ottel’s team in the German championship) took part in the S1 race that was held on the same day with the SXV 4.5, finishing in first and second place. In Great Britain, Christian Iddon, closed out the three officials heats in the British championships with a first, second, and third place atop an Aprilia SXV 5.5, putting him at the top of the provisionary classification.

First MX1 World Championship with the MXV

Aprilia’s re-entry into the Motocross World Championships saw Chicco Chiodi qualify despite a fall at the start of the timed qualifying sessions. The rider from Brescia competed with pain in his foot and gave it his all to register the 28th best-time overall. In Race 1, he finished just outside the point zone in 21st place. In Race 2, he absolutely would have done better than 23rd had he not been set back by a fall that forced him to return to the box and replace the exhaust system. The MXV 4.5 twin remains trustworthy even on sandy terrains.

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