Monday, April 02, 2007

Aprilia of the Week: Nathan's Tuono

Please introduce yourself first. Who are you and where are you from?

Nathan Jenkins
Fayetteville, AR

Which aprilia model do you own?

2007 Tuono R, matte black

Did you add any mods to your bike?

-leo vince ti low-mounts
-updated map (2?)
-15tooth front
-frame/axle sliders all around
-license plate elimination/relo kit
-ohlins rear suspension
-higher windscreen

Why did you buy an aprilia and what do you like so much about it?

I was looking for a naked street bike. Almost bought a speed triple, monster, 950SM, or a FZ1. but then I learned about Aprilia by accident from an online forum, checked it out, read reviews, and decided it was perfect for me. There is no aprilia dealer in arkansas, so i drove to New Braunfels, tx to AF1 racing to buy from the guys down there. They took care of me and did a great setup job, so i'm very pleased.

And what don't you like about your bike?

I don't get enough time to ride!!!! Could handle a little more wind protection.

If you could ask Aprilia to design a new model what would it be?

Street legal dual-purpose version of the 550 supermoto

And finally do you have any motorcycling tips for the readers of Aprilia News?

Wear proper gear no matter what, ride within your limits.

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