Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Aprilia's first podium in Italian MX1

After flirting with it at Castiglione del Lago (with a 4th place in Race 2), Cedric Melotte made history as the first rider to make the podium in the Italian MX1 Championship on a twin motorcycle. It took place at the 3rd race of the Italian Motocross Championships on March 11th at Ponte a Egola (Pisa) where the Belgian rider conquered 3rd place atop an Aprilia MXV 4.5

After recording the 4th best time in the qualifying, Melotte carried out the mission by roaring out of the start in 5th place and making his way up to 3rd behind Cristian Beggi (Wrm) and the winner, David Philippaerts (Ktm). It is a prestigious result for the Aprilia twin in its official debut year, already a podium finish in the 5th heat of the season. In the second heat, Melotte wasn't able to find the right rhythm but still closed out the race in 8th place on a tortuous track that is not well adapted to the huge power of the Aprilia twin.

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