Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Aprilia of the Week

Please introduce yourself first. Who are you and where are you from?

I'm Dave Francis ('MarvoGing') 49 from Devon, England. Ive been biking for most of 33 years.

Which Aprilia model do you own?

I have a 2000 RSV Mille

Did you add any mods to your bike?

The bike is completely standard except for a DB screen.

Why did you buy an Aprilia and what do you like so much about it?

One summer evening 3 years ago, three guys on three RSV Mille's turned up at my local sea front bike meet. They parked rear to the kerb, with their engines chugging away for a maybe few minutes. I was totally mesmerised by the sound, and the sight of these beautiful machines. My eyes flicked greedily from one to the other, and i could not drink in all the detail quick enough. I had never even seen a Mille at that time before. Later in the evening I followed the three out of town for a short distance, and i knew i'd have to own one. They sounded uniquely like real motorcycles, the V twin is one of the most natural of bike engines. This italian motorcycle's design is a timeless classic, just like the hunting knife, or the sea kayak.

The following summer i became the owner of a beautiful black RSV. Even now i think she is one of the most handsome bikes. Sometimes after a ride i stand and look at her, still drinking in those passionately executed details, and maybe i even say a word or two before i finally close the garage door. She has a rude kind of character which speaks to me in a way no other bike can. She is my definition of a motorcycle. At a hundred and twelve horse power she is fast enough for me, but actually it's not how fast she goes, it's how she goes fast that has become important.

This summer i'm riding her down to Mugello from the UK to see Rossi win on his home track. I trust her over a journey like that.

And what don’t you like about your bike?

But she isnt perfect. If i could change anything it would be the poor rear brake, the clutch needs bleeding too often, and the sidestand is too weedy.

If you could ask Aprilia to design a new model what would it be?

I am looking forward to the new V4 sportsbike.

And finally do you have any motorcycling tips for the readers of Aprilia News?

If you keep a big V twin, always keep the battery attached to an Optimate or similar battery maintainer when the bike is not in use. It takes a fit battery to turn those big buckets, and cold-starts on a dying battery can cause expensive sprag clutch damage.

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