Monday, February 19, 2007

Aprilia's debut in the world of MX

This weekend was the first time the MXV 450 ever raced in a MX1 class and they didn't do to bad either. The riders are Cedric Melotte and Chicco Chiodi. In the first manche Melotte qualified 6th and Chiodi 9th. Melotte also finished the race in 6th but Chiodi crashed and had to be taken to the hospital. He injured his foot so he couldn't race in the second manche.

In the 2nd manche Melotte finished 5th. Great job since he had a very bad start and entered the first corner in 14th place. Chiodi and Melotte raced with a 2006 version of the MXV. In march they will debut on the 2007 version of the MXV during the World Championship race in Valkenswaard. Go here for more pics and a detailed report about the race

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