Monday, January 08, 2007

Aprilia of the Week

Please introduce yourself first. Who are you and where are you from?

Hello, my name is Bart Terpstra and i am a student of the higher technical automotive school in Arnhem. I live in Borculo, a small town at the east of the Netherlands. My nickname is B-Art. I am a active member of the Aprilia Riders Association, RSV Mille owners club, and Motor-forum.

Which Aprilia model do you own?
I own a 2003 Aprilia RSV Mille R.

Did you add any mods to your bike?
I added an open airkit from Renegade and kellerman's

Why did you buy an Aprilia and what do you like so much about it?
I did buy an Aprilia because the looks, the technology, it's potential, and the V60 engine. I like Aprilia because it is Italian and self-willed.

And what don't you like about your bike?
The bad quality of the decals

If you could ask Aprilia to design a new model what would it be?
A replica of the Aprilia RS3 "Cube"

And finally do you have any motorcycling tips for the readers of Aprilia News?
Keep the good side up!

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