Thursday, November 09, 2006

Aprilia Pre show EICMA News

Some very interesting new facts about what is to expect on next weeks EICMA show in Milan :

Aprilia 850 Mana
-Three mappings for the electronic automatic transmission
-7 speed Sequential shifting

Aprilia 750 Shiver
-fly by wire throttle control
-95hp 90° v2

Pegaso Factory
-gold alloy wheels
-carbon goodies
-new graphics(in the colors of the tuono factory red/white)

New MXV450
-new mx bike with the famous v2 450 motor
-new design????(not clear/unconfirmed)

RXV(unclear if these are just accesoires or a new model)
-12 liter tank
-modified seat
-road book support
-extended motor protection

SXV van den Bosch Replica?(unconfirmed)

New Colors for the RSV1000
- Nero Aprilia
- Silver Crowde Replica a limited edition of 200 pieces

New V4 Superbike engine
seems to making a whopping 210 hp

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