Friday, October 06, 2006

Luthi signs with Aprilia for the 2007 250cc season

Its official. The swiss driver and 125cc champion of last year has signed with Aprilia. Luthi will be riding for a new factory Aprilia team next year. This new factory team has been financed by sponsor Emmi (swiss milk & coffee products manufacturer). They also sponsored Luthi's during his last 2 seasons in the 125cc class. The first test for the team will be 2 days after the close of the current season. Well over ten Aprilia 250 cc bikes are expected to be competing in the field. The Emmi Caffè Latte Aprilia team is looking to position itself in the front ranks (top 10) by the end of the first four months of the season. For news about this new team keep checking aprilianews.

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