Monday, April 23, 2007

Lots of Racing News


Aprilia missed the third victory in a row by a few hundredths of seconds and had to be contented with the second, third, fourth and fifth positions.

Jorge Lorenzo, the reigning World champion, gained the second position on the podium. Just like in Spain, he performed a breathtaking race, together with Bautista and Dovizioso who won this Turkish race.


Simone Corsi, on his RS of the Fontana Racing team, beat Joan Olive also on an Aprilia RS bike, and got his first triumph and second podium of his career. The rider from Rome dominated the race at the Instanbul Park taking the audience's breath away.
He performed a great start and led the group in the first bends. In the seventh lap he led the race and kept on leading it for the next six laps, also gaining a quite good distance. Olive got the second position and joined the group again, performing a series of overtakings. The Spanish rider decided to improve the pace and gain a second, but after many overtakings the rider from Rome started pressing him and eventually reached him only four laps before the race ended, leaving a remarkable gap between the riders behind.

MX1 Portugal

Chico Chiodi finished the first race in 23rd place. 2nd race was more succesful after some tough battles in the 2nd race he finished 21st. His teammate Melotte is still injured but will be back at the Italian GP on may 6th. Hopefully by then the MXV will finish in the top 20.

Italian Supermoto

After getting the Pole Position Thierry van den Bosch wins both races in front of Bernd Hiemer(KTM) and
Adrien Chareyre(Husqvarna). Van den Bosch now ranks 2nd in the Italian Championship behind Massimo Beltrami (Honda).

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