Wednesday, December 20, 2006

First Aprilia of the week

Please introduce yourself first. Who are you and where are you from?
I’m Verswyvel Benjamin, 43 years young and I live in Belgium, in a town called Ranst. My motorcycle career started in 1996 and I do about 14 000 km per year, mostly in free time and holidays.

Which Aprilia model do you own?
I own a very beautiful mat black Tuono 1000R 2006 model

Did you add any mods to your bike?
I have the Akrapovic slip-ons from the house, installed Map2 and the 15” sprocket,

I also have crash protectors for front axel, engine and rear axel and a Secdem screen on it.

Why did you buy an Aprilia and what do you like so much about it?
Since the beginning I always owned a 2 cil. motorbike and from the moment I had a ride with the Futura I knew this was it. My former bike gave me the feeling that everything was attached at the steering wheel when I was riding and this Aprilia gives me the feeling that everything is moving. And then the sound that comes right out of the exhaust pipes….it really gives me the feeling I always wanted to have…

And what don’t you like about your bike?
I prefered the golden wheels instead of the bleu ones.

If you could ask Aprilia to design a new model what would it be?
A new Futura and I will own two Aprilia’s, that’s for sure.

And finally do you have any motorcycling tips for the readers of Aprilia News?
Just take care of the bike and enjoy riding in a safe way.

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