Monday, October 09, 2006

Aprilia dominates s2 supermoto with 2 wins

It was a very succesful weekend for aprilia at the the Grand Prix Le Alpi del Mare.
Aprilia man Thierry Van Den Bosch imitated Lazzarini and conquered 2 back to back Moto wins.
Giraudo “holeshotting” the first turn.
The first Moto saw Bolley and Beltrami leading the group into the first right hander but VDB snatched the lead before the end of the opening lap. He knew Bolley’s speed in the off-road section was high and managed to open up a small gap to control the Team mate.
Giraudo did not have a good pace at the off-road section but managed to hold third place for the entire race.

Result race 1:

1. Thierry Van den Bosch (Aprilia SXV 4.5);
2. Frederic Bolley (Aprilia SXV 4.5);
3. Jerome Giraudo (Aprilia SXV 4.5).

In the second race Giraudo had a storming start with Bolley crashing out. VDB was second followed by Bidart.
At the fourth lap Van Den Bosch moved past Giraudo; Giraudo kept close to his Team mate and behind him there was Bidart closing all doors to Balducci and Beltrami.
Giraudo crashed as well but he quickly restarted and finish second behind Team mate VDB; Adrien Chareyre was third: he found his way through and made to pass Balducci, who “survived” the chase for Bidart and finished fourth.
Result race 2:
1. Thierry Van den Bosch (Aprilia SXV 4.5);
2. Jerome Giraudo (Aprilia SXV 4.5);
3. Adrien Chareyre (Husqvarna)

In the Championship Van Den Bosch firmly holds the red plate with 31 points more than Giraudo, second. Adrien Chareyre is now third, 17 points behind Giraudo; Bolley is fourth and Balducci is fifth.
Supermoto s1 was a bit less succesful with a 4th and 7th place for Iddon and an 11th and 8th place for british supermoto champion Sam Warren.

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